Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog 10: On PLEs, PLNs, and Questions That Will Change Your Life


A 7th Grader's Personal PLE

The 7th Grader’s PLE is a lot more interactive than my PLN, since I have yet only interacted with the professionals on my PLN through blogs and comments. I have not had the opportunity to Skype with anyone on my professional learning and development path, yet. Her PLE includes things from all of her classes, and mine is only for professional educational development.
I am using links on my EDM310 blog to share my PLN with others, and I am following all of their blogs through blogger. This way, when someone posts on their blog, I can see an RSS feed on my blogger dashboard. I saw on a classmate's blog that she was using a website called netvibes for her PLN. I plan to continue working on my PLN through my college and into my professional life, and I like the way netvibes is set up. It’s so awesome that in classes like these and with networks like this, we can share so much with each other. I have to give credit to my classmates Martha Yim and Alana Carpenter, through whom I learned about netvibes. If you’d like to check it out, click here.


WOW! As a student of quotes, I love this one by Claire Boothe Luce. Also, as someone interested in the history of women in literature, I love that it’s from the female Congresswomen, who was also a playwright, editor, journalist, and ambassador. I like the video footage of her asking JFK question # 1. I really just love the concept of the question, and its thought-provoking nature. I’m not entirely sure of my answer to the question, but I’m excited about the journey and the reflection.
I think everyone should watch this video. We are contracted to make the world a better place because we’re in it. This is the base of the second question.


  1. First of all I must say that I love Dory so I immediately love this post =)
    But not only that the content of this post was also very helpful. My PLN is still growing as well and I also plan to keep that growing throughout my college and professional career.

  2. Hello Leah,

    I have to agree with Christina that I was immediately excited about reading your blog due to the picture of Dory! I like that you were just as excited as I was about the use of one of the first women to serve in Congress, as the highlight of this video. You need to think of a question for yourself. Great post!